Adopt a row and experience firsthand the experience of growing, witnessing the ripening of grapes and producing an excellent wine.

We cultivate 7 different vineyards each with unique characteristics. Choose your favorite and start taking care of it with us!
Choose your favorite and start taking care of it with us!

You can choose between:
Colombaja, Il Costiolo, Mugnaga, Tabachè and Butòn.


and make your own wine

Imagine the sensation of tasting a quality wine that you have contributed to giving birth, following step by step its life, processing, and finally the harvest. A gift like this, precious and unique, is not a simple glass of wine but the symbol of a magical and unrepeatable experience.

With a small contribution, we will dedicate a row to you and every year, throughout the year, we will send you updates on the living conditions and the activities carried out in the vineyard. You will receive two wooden cases of 6 bottles of wine, your wine, and you can also choose to customize your label.

Adopt a row – Find out how to join

If you want to experience the joy of seeing your clusters born and follow them up to the bottle, if you want to have your own row headed and if you want to go through its different stages of growth together, then we are ready to make you live a unique experience

The adoption fee is 300 euros per year, corresponding to a portion of about 30 linear meters of row.
It is sufficient to request the adoption agreement, fill it in and send it by email to .
One or more rows can be adopted either in one’s own name or in the name of third parties, making a welcome and original gift. After making the payment, you will immediately receive the personalized adoption certificate for each row adopted.

If you are already an adopter and want to renew the adoption, send an email to info@ indicating the name of the adopter and attaching a copy of the payment receipt. The cost for the second year of adoption and subsequent years is 250 euros. We will immediately send you the new certificate of adoption.

By making a bank transfer, we will send you all the necessary information together with the adoption agreement.

After making the payment, you will immediately receive a personalized Adoption Certificate for each row adopted.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information.