Visits to the cellar are a privileged moment.
People understand the work behind a bottle, but most of all the way this work is done.
The visits guarantee an engagement between producer, product and customer that is unparalleled.
We are passionately dedicated to creating events that are a moment of encounter between Man and Nature.


Choose the experience that’s right for you!

Both for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city by breathing fresh air and for
those who want to “get their hands dirty” in real jobs.
We have solutions for all tastes.
We strictly follow the seasons and the natural calendar of the vine to offer experiences that are true and unrepeatable.
Throughout the year we are available for private and group tasting experiences.
In spring we enhance what Nature offers us during the moment of its greatest prosperity by offering the first open air tastings, “look & learn” moments during the first bottlings of the year and open air yoga classes.

Summer allows us to give space to our creativity by organizing picnics in the vineyards, walks in the fields in bloom of lavender.
Autumn is the peak of the season for vines, the harvest is the long-awaited time of the year where we harvest the fruit of our work.
We involve enthusiasts in harvest days, during which it is possible to savor the pleasure of harvesting the fruit of one’s work and pressing it barefoot!
Winter, with its cold temperatures and bare views, offers the opportunity to get closer to the vine through pruning experiences.

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